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Cup $5 / Bowl $7 Today’s Seasonally Inspired Soup

Seasonally inspired

$12 Chicken Livers

Caramelized onion, Maderia wine and hard boiled egg

$12 Fried Calamari

Pink sauce and house made marinara

$2.25 each Blue Point Oysters on the Half Shell (GF)

Served with house made mignonette sauce

$2.25 each Shrimp Cocktail (GF)

Served with house made cocktail sauce

Salads and Starters

Any salad with grilled salmon or grilled shrimp...Half $14 / Full $18.90 Any salad with grilled chicken...Half $13 / Full $17.55

Half $5 / Full $6.75 Wedge Salad (GF)

Iceberg, crumbled bleu cheese, tomato, red onion,
hardboiled egg, crisp bacon and ranch dressing

Half $5 / Full $6.75 Radius Salad (GF)

Mixed mesclum greens, red onions, blue cheese, candied
pecans, finished with a sherry vinaigrette

Half $5 / Full $6.75 Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan, and house-made croutons tossed
in our white anchovy dressing

Chef's Specials

Half $22 / Full $29.70 Duck Breast (GF)

Raspberry demi, Yukon pavers and broccolini

Half $14 / Full $18.90 Salmon Cake Slider

Potato flour bun, arugula, Havarti cheese, remoulade
sauce, sweet potato fries and a crème de mint shake

Half $15 / Full $20.25 Vegan Meatloaf ( GF / V / VG )

Chick peas, tofu, chia seeds, oats and lentils, vegan
demi, whipped cauliflower mashies and baby carrots

Half $25 / Full $33.75 Filet Mignon (GF)

Char-grilled, demi glace, toasted garlic,
fingerling potatoes and broccoli florets

Half $33 / Full $44.55 King Crab Legs (GF)

Steamed, drawn butter, crab infused
whipped potatoes and green bean almandine

Half $22 / Full $29.70 Braised Pork Sauce & Cavatelli

Braised slowly with tomatoes sauce
and red wine & garlic bread

Half $24 / Full $32.40 Salmon Picatta (GF)

Lemon, white wine & capers,
vegetable medley & rice pilaf

Half $17 / Full $22.95 Orange Chicken

Battered chicken, Asian orange glaze, jasmine
rice. wok fried carrots, pea pods and water chestnuts

Sunday Brunch Buffet

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Sunday Brunch Buffet. Including:

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Made-to-Order Omelet and Waffle

Build Your Own

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Breakfast Meats

Bacon, Sausage

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Country Potatoes

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Quiche of the Week

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Salmon Platter

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Various Entree Items

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Fruit Platter

Sunday Brunch Buffet: $21 Breakfast Pastries

It is our fundamental goal to provide a dining experience tailored to your individual preferences. Please speak to your server about any special requests regarding allergies, preferences, methods of preparation, etc. We are happy to do this and will make every effort to accommodate your request. We are also able to direct you to menu options that best fit your dining needs and expectations.

All prices and menu items are subject to change. Holiday brunches, special events, dialogue seires, and theme nights are cause for menu changes and price changes that are not posted on this web site or menu.

To better serve our membership, Radius will be closed to the public on the following holidays: Valentine's Day, Easter Brunch, Mother's Day Brunch, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thankgiving Day, New Years Day, and New Years Eve. Thank you for your interest in Radius at South Franklin Circle.